STEMarts LAB delivers innovative sci-art workshops as part of school programming, art and science festivals, events and museums. We bring new media artists to work with youth and teachers to share their experimental process and techniques. Students learn to create experiential and participatory art that has an innovative application of STEM (science. technology. engineering, math) and the arts.
We provide opportunities for creative expression and innovation, collaboration and art for social practice.


We coordinate experimental LAB sessions that feature new media artists and interdisciplinary teams whose innovative practices  and ‘ways of knowing’ offer a deeper and more meaningful understanding of STEM concepts and the arts. Students experiment and create work that then becomes part of a real-world event or project. They learn to be part of a professional collaboration and perform or install their creation along with their host artist or team.

What are STEMarts LABS?

Artist LABS

New media artists share their experimental process and techniques with students and their teachers. Students learn to create experiential, interactive and participatory art that has an innovative application of technology.

Interdisciplinary LABS

Interdisciplinary teams engage students, teachers, and schools in a real world project that encourages experimentation and brings the learning of STEM and the arts into the community.


  • Middle school and high school teachers looking to bring  STEMarts LABS into their classroom to enhance their curriculum.
  • School administrators wanting to include STEAM programming that engages students and teachers while meeting STEM standards.
  • Museum directors wanting to add an innovative STEAM educational component to their museum programming.
  • New media/interdisciplinary artists looking to mentor youth through the format of an experimental LAB and through participation in an international art festival or event.
  • Event coordinators looking to integrate STEAM educational programming customized to their event.