Agnes Chavez is a new media artist, educator and social entrepreneur.

In 1996, she developed Sube Teach language thru Art, Music and Games, a unique language learning kit, now serving over 400,000 students around the world.

In 2009 she founded the STEMarts Lab to create youth-focused 21st century tools and learning opportunities as part of new media art and science festivals. She has developed art-based curricula and educational programs for Scholastic, National Hispanic Cultural Center, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.
She partners with organizations such as 516 arts, ISEA2012 electronic arts festival, and The PASEO to bring STEMarts youth programs to these events.

She has won numerous awards for her Art-Sci projects including the renowned “Educational Innovation in the Americas” (INELAM) award in 2006, and the New Mexico Women in Technology Award in 2011.

In her art, Chavez experiments with data visualization, sound and projection art to create participatory experiences that explore our relationship with nature and technology, always building STEMarts youth workshops around her own work. Currently she teaches the Projecting Particles Lab which combines particle physics and projection art to create projection performances for live events. This year she was invited to the Havana Biennial 2015 to bring her projection installation, Origination Point, and delivered a Projecting Particles workshop to a high school in Havana.

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