STEMarts Labs partners with your school or organization to design and coordinate sci-art programming that combines the innovative practice of new media participatory art, science, and technology as a way of knowing and engaging with the world around us.


  • Middle or high school teachers: We work with you to bring STEMarts workshops into your classroom to enhance your curriculum.
  • School administrators: We design STEMarts programming that engages students and teachers while meeting STEM standards.
  • Museum Directors: We can add an innovative STEAM or sci-art educational component to your programming.
  • New Media Artists: We can find and coordinate venues to teach/mentor youth through your sci-art workshops/projects.
  • Event Coordinators: We can customize a sci-art youth program for your festival, event or community program.

We are eager to design STEMarts programming for your school or event. If you are interested in bringing a STEMarts Lab to your museum, festival, art center or school, we would love to talk to you. Please email directly to or fill out the form below to help us understand your needs and the best way to reach you, and we will get back to you in a jiffy. — Agnes Chavez

Agnes Chavez, Founder/Director
P.O. Box 298
57 Cielo Dulce
El Prado, New Mexico 87529

(575) 770-4256