STEMarts Lab has partnered with The PASEO a festival dedicated to bringing the art of installation, performance and projection to the streets of Taos, New Mexico. Occurring in collaboration with Taos Fall Arts Festival, The PASEO unites the Taos Fall Arts Festival venues, creating a new platform for the public display of art within the Taos Historic District.

STEMarts Lab@The PASEO youth program is a series of experimental Labs that allow students to collaborate with the interdisciplinary PASEO artists exploring STEM (Science, technology, engineering, math) in their art. In these Lab sessions students learn valuable STEM skills through creative expression, innovation and collaboration.

Our goal this year was to bring a PASEO STEMartist into each of the eleven middle/high schools in Taos. Each artist brings a unique and innovative use of art and technology.

To enhance the STEAM component, we have encouraged art and science teachers from each school to spearhead the project, integrating the STEM and arts into their school curriculum. Teacher and students work with the artist up to one week prior and then perform/install their work live at The PASEO event along with their host artist.

Learn about the artists and their STEMarts Labs here.


STEMarts Lab has partnered with The PASEO to create an innovative educational program that allows schools, youth and their families to become part of the art making process.

First, we select PASEO ‘new media’ artists who are engaged in creative hybridization of cutting-edge technologies, art and science, and who love to share their innovative process with students.

We then partner artists with each of the 12 middle and high schools in Taos, encouraging art and science teachers to collaborate to enhance the STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, math + arts) component. Students and teachers work with their artist up to one week prior in a 1-4 day workshop.

Students then perform/install their work live at The PASEO event along with their host artist. This real-world collaboration exposes students to cutting edge technologies, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, building valuable 21st century skills.

PASEO 2015 Participating Schools

  • Taos Academy
  • Vista Grande High School
  • Taos High School
  • Taos Waldorf School
  • Taos Middle School
  • RMYC Learning Lab
  • Taos Charter School
  • Anansi Charter School
  • Taos Integrated School of the Arts (TISA)
  • Oo-oonah Art School, Taos Pueblo
  • smART House
  • Questa High School
  • Roots and Wings
  • Taos International School