ARTIST: Albuquerque

EVENT: 1-Day Workshop

SCHOOL: Anansi Middle School

INSTALLATION: The Paseo September 25-26 2015

Fireflies, jellyfish, algae, glow worms—how and why do some living things glow? This workshop introduces the science of bioluminescence and how biological organisms can be self-energizing, responsive and act as biological sensors to environmental conditions.

Workshop participants will be introduced to bioluminescent dinoflagellates—marine dwelling, single-celled algae that emit light upon agitation. Participants will also explore the science behind bioluminescence and create their own glowing drawings with live bacteria. The workshop will demonstrate how tools of modern biology are being used in art. Participants will be encouraged to think about broader ideas, like how this living light might be used in the future.

Abbey HepnerAbbey Hepner is a conceptual artist investigating the human relationship with the landscape and technology. Using the mediums of photography, video, public art intervention, and electronic processes, she considers issues related to population growth, man-made disasters, as well as the complex and often contradictory roles surrounding technological progress. Her work on the topic of nuclear energy made her the recent recipient of a Puffin Foundation grant. She is an international exhibiting artist, recently finishing a body of work in Japan and participating in a residency and solo exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

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