ARTIST: Austin/Texas

EVENT: 1-Day Workshop

SCHOOL: Taos High School

INSTALLATION: September 25, 26

Workshop students explore the performative possibilities of real-time video and sound transmission through the artistic application of DIY electronics. By exploiting the voided analog video transmission spectrum, students will synthesize visuals and sound through broadcast distortions and radio interference in a collaborative composition. Multiple transmitters broadcast visualizations to televisions in the performance environment, each generating a unique visual and corresponding sonic output. Through in the moment experimentation and collaboration, the performers actively pursue unexpected discoveries of analog video materiality through the creative implementation of their handmade circuits.

Kyle EvansKyle Evans (MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago) is a sound designer, new media artist, educator and performer. While his educational background was focused toward experimental music and sound art, his collective artistic work ranges from music technology development to new media installation. His work commonly explores concepts of hacking, re-purposing, and the relation between modern and obsolete technologies. He has performed throughout the United States and Europe and his work has been published in several publications including the Leonardo Music Journal, Popular Science Magazine and the Computer Music Journal.

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