Particle physics and projection art merge to engage youth.

Lead Instructors: Agnes Chavez (media artist), Markus Dorninger (artist/app developer) and Dr. Luis Flores Castillo (CERN physicist)

In this three-day workshop students learn about particle physics concepts and projection art, allowing this understanding to inspire and inform the creation of a projection art performance.  On day one, students have the opportunity to travel to Geneva through a virtual tour of the ATLAS Detector at CERN, where they learn about the Large Hadron Collider. When possible they have a chat with a particle physicist in person. They also learn about projection art and video mapping to see many examples of the latest cutting edge interpretations. On day two, students learn how to use the Tagtool app, explore the ideas they want to communicate and design storyboards to choreograph their performance. On day three, students rehearse their performance and prepare for the live animated session on to a building for a coordinated event. Contact us to schedule this workshop.

Special thanks to Atlas Experiment at CERN and Los Alamos National Laboratory.