ARTIST: New Mexico

EVENT: 3-Day Workshop

SCHOOL: Taos Waldorf

INSTALLATION: September 25, 26

The earth is in a constant state of movement creating vibrations. From massive earthquakes to micro-vibrations, learn how these movements changed the New Mexico landscape. Hands on demonstration of earth materials for adobe sculptures, examining their mineral content and geologic origins. Then explore vibrations through sound using vibration energy harvesting piezoelectric transducers.

Participants will create their own adobe sculptures and embed piezoelectric transducers within them to capture vibrations and record them. Recordings will be uploaded to an online gallery for visitors to enjoy along with a live performance.

Rubin OlguinRuben Olguin is a New Mexico based artist working in earth materials and electronic media. His work uses earth sculptures of foraged materials incorporated with electronic components. Using local history, geography, geology, and contemporary electronic materials to contrast the old traditions of New Mexico and the impending modern world allowing the natural world to interpret mechanical noise.

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