STEMartsLab@ThePASEO 2015

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Electrofunk Mixtape: A Virtual Sounding Space | 3-day summer Lab

Artist: Nettrice Gaskins, School: Taos Academy and Oo-oo nah Art School, Taos Pueblo Facilitator: Karin Moulton, Preview event: 6 August. Student performance: 25 & 26 September, ongoing

Site: Stone House (in front of Taos Inn)

Exploring the Aesthetics of Videomicrography | 2-day Lab

Artist: Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez School: Taos Charter School Facilitator: Katie Woodall and Nat Evans. Student performance: 25 September, at dusk

Site: Presbyterian Church, Paseo de Peralta Norte

DIY Soundbox | 2-day Lab

Artist: Derek Holzer, School: Vista Grande High School Facilitators: Nan Burton and Mark Barela Student performance: 26 September (1, 2 ,3 pm-15 minute shows)

Site: Coronado Hall, Civic Plaza Drive

Biolumenescent Algae Installation | 1-day Lab

Artist: Abbey Hepner School: Anansi Middle School Facilitator: Elsbeth Atencio Installation: 25 & 26 September, ongoing

Site: Kit Carson Park

Mappathon: Video Mapping Marathon | 3-day Lab

Artist: CHiKA School: Taos Integrated School of Arts (TISA) Facilitator: Megan Avina Bowers Student installation: 25 & 26 September, ongoing

Site: Coldwell Banker, Parking Lot (Corner of Civic Plza Drive and Paseo De Peralta Norte)

Earthen Vibrations | 3-day Lab

Artist: Ruben Olguin School: Taos Waldorf School Facilitator: Beth Kreiger-Fritsh. Student installation: 25 & 26 September, ongoing

Site: Guadalupe Church parking lot (Behind Parish Office)

Solar Powered Village | 2-day Lab

Artist: Andrea Polli School: Questa High School: Erika Zito. Student installation: 26 September 1-6pm

Site: Plaza Kiosk, Taos Plaza

DIY Video Transmission Workshop Performance | 1-day Lab

Artist: Kyle Evans School: Taos High School Facilitator: Facilitator: Stephanie Johnstone and Paula Martinez. Student installation: 25 & 26 September, at dusk

Site: John Dunn Street (Bent Street)