• STEMarts Bootcamps@UNM-HIVE

    Starting in January we will begin a series of four hands-on STEMarts Bootcamps designed to introduce participants to science concepts about the universe and exciting new digital technologies that allow us to reimagine our relationship to earth and space through our unique and diverse perspectives.  The STEMarts Bootcamp is a full day in-person workshop sponsored […]

  • Space Messengers international youth exchange: Guadalajara- Santa Fe

    Congratulations to the 65 students and 6 teachers that completed the artist-led Space Messengers 7-week spring virtual workshop connecting a classroom in Guadalajara with two classrooms in Santa Fe. Students explored the universe through guest speakers in the fields of particle physics, astrophysics, space law, Lakota cosmology, media arts and philosophy. Teachers implemented our space-themed […]

  • ESSS in Oeiras, Portugal receive VR Training for Space Messengers

      As part of the SAP Lab Residency organized by SAP Lab Director, Dr. Catarina Pombo Nabais, at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Science. Agnes Chavez, STEMarts Lab founder, visited Escola Secundaria Sebastiao e Silva in Oeiras Portugal to start training students in VR technologies. This group of 25 7th-12th graders included students that […]

  • Artist Talk: Empowering Youth through Art, Science & Technology

    As part of my Artist Residency at the SAP (science, art, philosophy) Lab at the University of Lisbon Philosophy of Science, I am doing a series of presentations to share my research and work. Yesterday I presented to computer science students and members of the public. Thank you to Dr. Catarina Pombo Nabais, SAP Lab […]

  • SAP Lab International Residency IV

  • STEMarts Highlights 2019-2021

    STEMarts International We created STEMarts International, an international youth exchange program that facilitates communication and collaboration between youth leaders around the world through the STEMarts Curriculum Tool platform. The goal is to encourage intercultural respect, creative expression and scientific literacy as students collaborate on a sci-art installation that is presented at festivals in the partner […]

  • STEMarts Apprentice Feliciana Gonzales-Mitchell: Stories from Vadito

    STEMarts Apprentice, Feliciana Gonzales-Mitchell, shares stories from her community of Vadito, near Peñasco in Taos County. This month she talks about how the largest fire recorded in NM history is about 40 miles from her home. 30 families of refugees from Mora, Chacon and Las Vegas are being housed in her school gym at Peñasco […]

  • STEMarts Apprentices Explore the Universe!

    Announcing our new STEMarts Apprenticeship program, designed for women/girls from Northern New Mexico (ages 14-20) and launched in 2022 thanks to a 2-yr Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation Education Enrichment grant. Congratulations to our winners! Amelia Martinez, Dominique Vigil, Feliciana Gonzales, Megan Odom and Svetlana Backhaus. We also welcomed an congratulate Jade Rael as this […]

  • Lowrider Design Challenge

    STEMarts Lab is excited to partner with Seco Live to create the Lowrider Design Challenge which complements the Low ‘N Slow exhibit, produced by Seco Live, a 501c3 building community through creativity in the little village of Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. This project is made possible with thanks to our sponsors, The Taos Revolt Giving Fund@Revolt […]

  • Space Messengers: An immersive and educational sci-art experience

    Space Messengers is a large-scale projection where the collective  ‘space’ messages and voices of youth participants are live mixed and projected along with their animated silhouettes on to buildings at international festivals. We are living in an extraordinary time for scientific and technological advancements that are expanding our understanding of the universe. At the same […]

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