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  • STEMarts Apprentices Explore the Universe!

    Announcing our new STEMarts Apprenticeship program, designed for women/girls from Northern New Mexico (ages 14-20) and launched in 2022 thanks to a 2-yr Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation Education Enrichment grant. Congratulations to our winners! Amelia Martinez, Dominique Vigil, Feliciana Gonzales, Megan Odom and Svetlana Backhaus. We also welcomed an congratulate Jade Rael as this […]

  • STEMarts International

    Why International? The COVID pandemic has deeply affected our educational institutions and how we relate to each other. Students and teachers have been required to work/study from home in isolation which created an urgent need for innovative ways to interact, teach and learn online. Travel bans and heightened health security measures led to cancellations of […]

  • Taos Pueblo Day School Returns to The Paseo with Native-Inspired Monsters

    September 12, 2017 You could hear a pin drop while Richard Archuleta spoke to the 30 + kids at Taos Pueblo Day School.  Richard shared educational stories about pollution and stressed the  children’s important role as environmental stewards. This was part of a special STEMarts @The Paseo workshop led by Megan Avina Bowers as Paseo […]

  • What happens when a physicist from CERN, a Lakota water protector, a Tewa educator and a new media artist meet with 26 Taos fourth and fifth graders?

    What happens when a physicist from CERN, a Lakota water protector,  a Tewa educator and a new media artist meet with 26 Taos fourth and fifth graders?

    Perhaps, opposing worldviews will converge to create a new balance in the universe! Reposted from Janet Webb, Taos, NM, April 2017 “Lakota Cosmology Meets Particle Physics” is a youth workshop at Taos Integrated School for the Arts (TISA) organized by their new STEAM Lab@TISA coordinator, artist-educator, Agnes Chavez. On Monday, April 10, students from Megan Bowers Avina’s TISA classroom […]

  • How Standing Rock inspired a new STEAM youth curriculum

    A visit to the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock has inspired a new STEAM curriculum for youth. Through a multicultural collaboration with indigenous educators, artists and particle physicists students will explore the correlations of indigenous cosmology to modern science through art and social practice.  The curriculum will focus on our human connection to nature, […]

  • Building Capacity for STEAM: Americorps Project expands into 2017

    Building Capacity for STEAM: Americorps Project expands into 2017

    Two years ago I joined artist Andrea Polli and the Social Media Workgroup (SMW) as an Americorps VISTA. “Did you know that President Kennedy introduced the idea of VISTA to Congress in 1963? Or that many of the best-known anti-poverty programs, including Head Start and Credit Unions, were expanded by VISTA members? VISTA has been […]

  • Projecting Particles: Lakota Cosmology Meets Particle Physics

    Projecting Particles: Lakota Cosmology Meets Particle Physics

    MARCH 2017 A Spring 2017 workshop called Particle Physics Meets Lakota Cosmology is currently being designed for students at Taos Integrated School for the Arts (TISA) and we plan to take the workshop to multiple schools in New Mexico. Through a collaboration with Lakota Cultural Specialist, Steve Tamayo and CERN physicist Dr. Steven Goldfarb, students will […]

  • ARTAOS + TISA: Augmented Reality Mural at Ziggy’s Frozen Yogurt Shop

      As part of TISA’s new STEAM Lab, Amber McCabe’s 8th grade class participated in an Augmented Reality (AR) Mural Work/Study Project providing real-world community focused learning of STEAM skills. AR is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, […]

  • Twirl’s Light Play in collaboration with TISA’s new STEAM Lab

    We launched the new STEAM Lab at the Taos School of Integrated Arts with a series of Twirl workshops. Students from grades K-5 participated in Light Play, which allows them to play, explore and make discoveries with light. They learn how it bends, bounces and blends with the help of lenses and mirrors; along with […]

  • Agnes Chavez shares 2015 Projecting Particles outcomes at return visit to ATLAS@CERN

    MAY 2016 CERN. Geneva, Switzerland A year after her 2015 two-week research stay through ATLAS Experiment at CERN, Chavez returns to share end of year video documentation from the Projecting Particles projects.  The gatherings took place at the CERN library and Ideasquare, a dedicated test facility at CERN that hosts detector R&D projects, facilitates MSc student programs […]