Explore Space thru VR

STEMarts Teen Bootcamp@HIVE

Our pilot STEMarts Teen Bootcamp took place at UNM-Taos HIVE on February 18, 2023 and was a huge success. Twelve students between the ages of 13 and 19 attended. Students were visited by Avatar Astrophysicist, Dr. Andrea Albert to learn about dark matter and to ask questions about the universe. Bryce Kennedy, AEGIS Law popped in via Zoom to talk about exciting career pathways in space and why he is committed to protecting space. Alison Johnson, Digital Ant Media, then led a VR workshop that took them through the history of VR and to experience different genres of VR.

STEMarts Director’s Assistant, Alyson Martinez, led a VR Multibrush session to show them how to 3D paint together in virtual reality. 2023 Apprentices, Serina Martinez, Sirena Quezada and Destiny Jaramillo assisted Alyson in leading the workshop and with coordination of the event. It was also a chance to share with youth in our community the opportunities available to become STEMarts Ambassadors or STEMarts Apprentices as part of the International Space Messengers project. Thanks to UNM-Taos HIVE for sponsoring this workshop and to our Apprenticeship program sponsors, LANL Foundation, NMarts, Encantado Foundation, LANL CPO, and Taos Community Foundation.