Nettrice Gaskins


ARTIST: Boston

EVENT: 3-Day Summer Workshop

SCHOOLS: Taos Academy and Oo-oonah Art Center, Taos Pueblo


PERFORMANCE : September 25, 26

This project takes the idea of the mixture and combines it with Alexander G. Weheliye’s notion of a “virtual sounding space that is marked by the circulation of culture via techno-logical reproductions—records and tapes, mixing, and the use of music production centers, or MPCs. We can see and hear this development in ‘sampling’ and ‘remixing,’ common electronic music production techniques in that use purposeful appropriation, repetition, riffs, splices, and interjections from a variety of sources. By using the human senses of touch, sight and hearing, Electrofunk Mixtape uses physical computing and visual imagery to layer conflicting rhythms and effects on top of physical objects such as walls to create complicated sound and image patterns.

Nettrice GaskinsNettrice Gaskins was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She majored in Visual Art at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, KY. She earned a BFA in Computer Graphics with Honors from Pratt Institute in 1992 and a MFA in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1994. She worked for several years in K-12 and post-secondary education, community media and technology before enrolling at Georgia Tech where she received a doctorate in Digital Media in 2014. Her latest work expands on hip-hop/conceptual remixing and the sampling of different media (i.e., sound and images) using interactive electronics and conductive art materials.

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