Café Scientifique@The PASEO


EVENT: Saturday 10-11am

SITE: Roaming

Students from the Café Scientifique of Northern New Mexico will be participating in The PASEO, a festival dedicated to bringing the art of installation, performance and projection to the streets of Taos, New Mexico on September 25 and 26.

The Café Scientifique students will be “science investigative reporters” reporting specifically on the art-sci/STEM focused installations.


  • Learn about the participating artists on the PASEO and STEMarts Lab website and select their three favorites to research further.
  • Visit the websites of their selected PASEO artist and identify the science and STEM aspect of the art.
  • Work with their facilitator to develop Science/STEM-focused interview questions using the ISEA2012 STEM curriculum tool as a guideline. i.e. View Abbey Hepner’s biolumenescent algae installation and then explore the science of algae in the LANL STEM Challenge site
  • Arrive at The PASEO on Saturday morning and visit the chosen installation sites for a 10-minute artist talk and to ask their artist questions.
  • Stay for the PASEO event 1-10pm (or as long as is possible) and visit the 28 artist installation/performances to see them in action.
  • Follow up after the event by presenting or discussing to their club on what they experienced and what they learned about art-sci collaborations.