STEMarts Ambassador program expands

Thanks to LANL Foundation Educational Enrichment award we have been able to expand our STEMarts Ambassador program to provide more opportunities for youth to develop 21st century STEM skills combined with the arts for creative expression, community building, and social change with internship and job placement opportunities.


Meet our newest Ambassadors

Thanks to a partnership with UNM Taos HIVE we have been able to offer in-person STEMarts Bootcamps to recruit and train new Ambassadors throughout the year. We are excited to welcome Asa, Rocio and Shaylee to the team.

Asa Garcia-Toya

I am from Jemez Pueblo of the Tewa people. I’m 17 years old and about to finish High School. I go to Taos Academy, primarily focusing on a future in STEM. I hope to grasp onto the path of Biomedical Engineering, helping others in the medical field and advancing in my career. I was recently trained as a STEMarts Ambassador through the Bootcamps at UNM-Taos HIVE.

Rocio Aguilar


I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico attending the
University of New Mexico and majoring in Art Studio with a minor in Animation. I am set to graduate in Spring of 2024 and have been looking for various areas to expand my knowledge. Combining art, STEM topics and technology is new to me and I’m excited to be a part of this project.


Shaylee Mirabal

I am 17 years old and from Taos Pueblo. I am a recent graduate from Taos High school, and I am planning on attending the University of New Mexico this coming year, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in all things science and art. Because of this I believe being a STEMarts Ambassador will be a great learning experience and that I will greatly benefit from participating in it.


2023 Apprentices serve as Ambassadors

Our Apprenticeship program for girls ages 14-19 offers year-long STEAM opportunities. One of the main roles for the Apprentices is to serve as STEMarts Ambassadors at our immersive and interactive installations. Stay tuned for announcements on our fall events!

Ambassador instructors and mentors

As part of our expansion we are adding new instructors to train our Ambassadors on cutting edge art, science and technology. Digital Ant Media, Alison Johnson and Thomas Vause (VR training), Josh Haggard (360 video, Unity), Melanie Redmond (VR Coordinator) are sharing their expertise with new Ambassadors.

In the case of Alyson Martinez, she has been training with STEMarts as an Apprentice/Ambassadro for two years and is now teaching workshops and mentoring new Apprentices. She is trained as a VR Coordinator and helping new Apprentices build their Weebly websites.