STEMarts Bootcamps@UNM-HIVE

Starting in January we will begin a series of four hands-on STEMarts Bootcamps designed to introduce participants to science concepts about the universe and exciting new digital technologies that allow us to reimagine our relationship to earth and space through our unique and diverse perspectives.  The STEMarts Bootcamp is a full day in-person workshop sponsored by UNM-HIVE on four Saturdays.  Each one is designed for a specific audience: The first is a private session to train the STEMarts Apprentices who will be leading and assisting with subsequent Bootcamps. The second is for teens, the third for educators and the final Bootcamp is open to 20+ adults. The Bootcamps will be led by guest artists, scientists and specialists through a series of 1-2 hour in-person or virtual workshop sessions coordinated throughout the day. Digital Ant Media will be leading all the VR training experiences. STEMarts Apprentices Alyson Martinez, Director’s Assistant Apprentice, will be leading the Multi-Brush VR workshop. Guest scientists and cultural specialists to be announced.

Space is limited to 10 participants per Bootcamp.  Registration required.