STEMarts Bootcamps@UNM-HIVE

Starting in January we will begin a series of four hands-on STEMarts Bootcamps designed to introduce participants to science concepts about the universe and exciting new digital technologies that allow us to reimagine our relationship to earth and space through our unique and diverse perspectives.  The STEMarts Bootcamp is a full day in-person workshop sponsored by UNM-HIVE on four Saturdays.  Each one is designed for a specific audience: The first is a private session to train the STEMarts Apprentices who will be leading and assisting with subsequent Bootcamps. The second is for teens, the third for educators and the final Bootcamp is open to 20+ adults. The Bootcamps will be led by guest artists, scientists and specialists through a series of 1-2 hour in-person or virtual workshop sessions coordinated throughout the day. Digital Ant Media will be leading all the VR training experiences. STEMarts Apprentices Alyson Martinez, Director’s Assistant Apprentice, will be leading the Multi-Brush VR workshop. Guest scientists and cultural specialists to be announced.

Space is limited to 10 participants per Bootcamp.  Registration required.

STEMarts Bootcamp#1:

Girls in STEAM pave the way (private)

Date: January 21, 2023

Time: 9am-5pm


Every year we have an open call for the STEMarts Apprenticeship program and select 5 girls (ages 14-19) from Northern New Mexico to work with STEMarts Lab in a year-long program. Apprentices receive a $1000 stipend and customized training in STEAM areas including; programming, webdesign, Virtual Reality (VR/MR design), projection mapping, data visualization, interactive design, and ArcGIS storymapping. Apprentices develop leadership skills through opportunities for teaching, presenting and team collaborations. Women in STEM fields provide mentorship and share valuable work experiences.

This STEMarts Bootcamp is the kick-off event for the STEMarts apprentices who will meet for the first time for the full day hands-on workshop with in-person and virtual guest instructors. They will learn about the Space Messengers project and their role in the program, explore the possibilities of virtual reality technologies, and receive VR training to become Experience Guides at the Space Messengers events. STEMarts 2022 Apprentice, Alyson Martinez, will be leading a VR Multi Brush session to teach how to paint in 3D and become instructors themselves.  Dr. Nicole Lloyd-Ronning, LANL Astrophysicst will lead a hands-on demo and presentation on multi-messenger astronomy + other surprise guests. After this training, apprentices will continue their practice to prepare for the subsequent STEMarts Bootcamps where they will be assisting and leading sessions designed for the community.

STEMarts Bootcamp#2:

Space exploration through VR

Date: February 18, 2023

Time: 12pm-5pm


This STEMarts Bootcamp is open to teens ages 13-19 who are interested in reimagining how they use art and VR technologies to learn about and communicate science concepts. Are you interested in learning more about dark matter or gravitational waves? Are you curious about the universe and outer space and have questions you would like answered? Do you love art and technology and would like to know ways to combine the two for creative expression? In this full day hands-on workshop with in-person and virtual artists, scientists and tech specialists you will enter virtual reality worlds, paint in 3D, and talk to scientists to learn about the universe. Get creative, have fun, and discover new career pathways in the emerging field of space exploration.

STEMarts Bootcamp#3:

The power of the universe, space and teleportation to empower youth in the 21st century classroom

Date: July 22, 2023

Time: 9am-5pm


Have some fun on summer break. Reimagine tech! Dive into the latest tech tools to see how they can be used to transform your classroom or cafeteria. Get trained on the proper use of Oculus VR headsets, explore Virtual Reality (VR) immersive learning experiences from cutting edge artists and scientists, get a crash course in – everything you wanted to know about the universe and space but were afraid to ask. Bring your STEAM ideas to brainstorm into reality. This full day hands-on workshop with in-person and virtual guest instructors is open to educators who are looking to integrate cutting edge STEM + Art technologies and approaches for the 21st century classroom.

STEMarts Bootcamp#4: VR Earth-Space Station

Date: August 5, 2023

Time: 9am-5pm


This STEMarts Bootcamp is designed for individuals ages 20 and older that would like to learn about and be trained in VR to become part of  a new Earth-Space VR Station that will be installed at fall festivals in 2023. Participants will learn the proper use and care of VR headsets, how to help others put on and use the headsets, and how to explore and create within the virtual spaces that have been curated for the events.