STEMarts Curriculum Tool

For visitors coming from the curriculum tool page, you are now on the STEMarts Lab website which is a portfolio and blog of STEMarts programming and events. Hit back or select the highlighted STEMarts Curriculum Tool text to return.

The STEMarts Curriculum Tool is a FREE online hybrid platform that complements real world interdisciplinary science and art exhibits and events. The platform is designed to expand the educational experience of the sc-art installation or event. Teachers and students get to go behind the scenes to learn more about the sci-artist installation whose work integrates science, technology and/or engineering as part of the process. STEAM activities and resources are built around the work of the artist and the interdisciplinary collective so students can experience hands on activities before and after visiting the installation site or STEAM event.

The STEMarts Curriculum Tool is unique in that it is aggregates resources and content from diverse sources around the topic being explored. In this way, the content is delivered authentically from the source, whether it be the artist, the scientist or the cultural specialist.

Through its online platform the program and activities can live on beyond the event to increase the impact. Click on the link above to visit the STEMarts Curriculum Tool website.