STEMarts (x)change 2020




American Corner@University of Lisbon Faculty of Letters, Space to be transformed!

Artist, Agnes Chavez, founder of the STEMarts Lab is starting a new collaboration with the University of Lisbon Faculty of Letters. The vision is to create a synergistic collaboration between creative individuals/educational institutions in New Mexico and the American Corner@FLUL in Lisbon through transdisciplinary educational projects and international exchange. Through this collaboration we will design exciting transdisciplinary projects that focus on the intersection of art, science, technology and applied humanities to explore and communicate participatory solutions to socio-environmental design challenges.

The STEMarts transdisciplinary approach will be achieved by bringing together academic and non-academic participants in the creation process, toward the common goal of finding innovative solutions and/ or raising awareness to a social challenge.

The goal is to collaborate with American Corners@FLUL to design a pilot STEMarts (x)change project that will;

  • Integrate art, science and technology into the real world social topics explored by students in the Cultural Creative program to expand the learning beyond the classroom.
  • Facilitate exchange visits with creative partners in New Mexico/Lisbon to share strategies, knowledge and the latest research and innovations.
  • Engage the students and general public in the process of investigation and exploration through a culminating immersive and participatory installation and a real world community outreach component.