Taos High and Taos Academy Join to Project Particles at The Harwood Museum of Art

Congratulations to all the students that participated in the Projecting Particles STEMarts LAB sponsored by The Harwood Museum of Art Teen Engagement Program, Los Alamos National Laboratory and ATLAS at CERN.

The workshop kicked off with a live virtual tour of the ATLAS control room at CERN led by physicist, Dr. Steven Goldfarb, courtesy of CERN. Students learned about the latest discoveries in particle physics such as the Higgs-Boson particle and how these theories are transforming the way we perceive space and time, and expanding our definition of who we are and where we come from.

Tagtool visualization by student, Boaz Devenyi

They then saw many examples of new media artists working with interactive projections to see how art is beginning to explore these concepts through visualizations. Finally, they  learned to use Tagtool, an iPad app developed by Paseo artist, Markus Dorninger, to express these concepts themselves.

The four students from Taos Academy that led the workshop were stellar and taught me to so much. They created a fun and collaborative environment that engaged and empowered the new students from Taos High. They then worked together as a team to create and deliver a beautiful projection performance for the Lighting of Ledoux. All in four days time.

Special thanks to Juniper Manley and Jayne Schnell for partnering with STEMarts LAB to make this collaboration happen. Thanks as well to lead teachers Carla Chavez, Taos High School and Karin Moulton, Taos Academy, for making this 4-day (28 hour) interdisciplinary workshop occur (partly after school and partly during school hours) so that it can be accessible to students who might not have had access otherwise.

We are looking forward to our next teen-led Projecting Particles LAB at The Harwood in February so stay tuned!

STEMartist: Agnes Chavez

Participating students:

Taos Academy Teen-leads: Boaz Devenyi, Cade Harris, Justis Daniels-Bezout, Haley Rach

Taos High School students: Left to right: Cade Harris, Roberto Martinez, Haley Rach, Agnes Chavez, Brandon Trujillo, Aurelia Chavez, James Young, Justis Daniels-Bezout, Ricardo Trujillo. Missing from photo: Asher Vigil, Aryanna Zarazua and Boaz Devenyi.