The PASEO 2015: Bring on the Electrofunk!

What do Electrofunk, Pueblo culture and Taos teenagers have in common?

The answer. Nettrice Gaskins!

I met Nettrice for the STEMarts@International Symposium of Electronic Arts(ISEA): Machine Wilderness event which took place in Albuquerque in 2012. We invited her to teach her Augmented Reality (AR) Mural workshop at Explora and I was blown away by AR technology and how she juxtaposed it with painting and an exploration of cultural mimbres.

While scouting around for new media artists to bring to the STEMarts@The PASEO youth program, I called Nettrice up to see what she was up to these days. I was thrilled to hear about her Electrofunk musical gloves that you slip on and play sounds with your fingertips, converting colors to musical notes. Students use spatially augmented reality and physical computing to explore cultural artifacts to inspire the imagery.

That’s what ten students from Taos Academy and Taos Pueblo will be doing when Nettrice comes to teach Electrofunk Mixtape: A Virtual Sounding Space.

Her advanced 3-day, 21-hour workshop culminates with a video mapping projection on the Luna Chapel at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site property on August 6th.

Yes you heard right. Video mapping on to the historic adobe chapel, and DJ Oliver orchestrating the electrofunk!

This is all for our PASEO fundraiser to welcome our first PASEO artist, so mark your calendar and spread the word.

– Agnes