VR Station@Invent Event

Congrats to the STEMarts Apprentices for amazing work running the VR Station at Twirl Taos‘s Invent Event for  Earth Day April 22, 2023.   Alyson Martinez: Apprentice Mentor and VR station coordinator set up the station on her own and coordinated all the apprentices: Serina Martinez, Sirena Quezada, Claire Legate, Sophia Bates, Destiny Jaramillo, Feliciana Mitchel Gonzales. 

These events allow the STEMarts Apprentices the opportunity to practice their VR skills and develop leadership and event management skills. They did a fantastic job and gained valuable experience working with the public and explaining how to use the VR technology to the young crowd.

The STEMarts VR Station included three VR experiences: Multibrush, Space Messengers VR and Mission ISS. 

Photos by Kyle Julinski.

Thanks to our sponsors that make this all possible.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Foundation

Q Station

The Encantado Foundation

LANL Community Connections

New Mexico Arts